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Composil is patented

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Who are we?

Composil Europe, a family run business founded in 1992 and the leading specialist in the maintenance and cleaning of office carpets and upholstered furniture

We offer you our services with teams 100% Composil in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France. We regularly work in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our expertise

Our customers regularly consult us for maintenance or cleaning advice of their carpets or upholstery; for virucidal and anti-flea, or even anti-static treatments; water damage; or any other questions or advice relating to carpets or upholstered furniture.

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We developed our unique carpet cleaning methodology in partnership with carpet manufacturers. The result was tested and validated in their laboratories and in real conditions.



Composil is the only company in Europe to be certified by all of the largest carpet manufacturers of carpets and textile furniture on its unique methodology and on its Carpet Caring Program®.

With regard to hygiene and disinfecting, our methodology is certified by a university laboratory which confirms that the carpets and upholstered furniture are clean and disinfected after our visit.

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Durability & Hygiene

The average lifespan of a carpet is between 5 and 7 years where Composil can maintain them beyond 15 years.


More than 4kg of refined oil per m² per premature change will thus be saved.

The carpet contributes greatly to the quality of the air. A perfectly maintained carpet will make you evolve in a healthier environment!

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We are always looking to increase value for our customers:


  • Ongoing Research and Development on our products

  • Circular Carpet Lease

  • Textile Caring Program

  • Participation in the carpet tile recycling program

  • Waste recovery program from our cleanings

Our carpet partners:

Our upholstered furniture partners :

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