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In a world that is moving towards “as a service” rather than purchasing, this All-Inclusive solution combines all the advantages: the choice, the supply and the installation of the carpet; our Carpet Caring Program®; contract management; recycling the tiles at the end of their use.


An economical, ecological and practical solution following the principle of the circular economy.

Carpet choice

The customer can choose from a wide selection of certified Cradle-to-Cradle or low-carbon textile tiles.


The duration of the contract is between 3 and 10 years.

Carpet laying

The carpet is laid with accordance with standard industry practices by installers certified by the carpet manufacturer.


It is a “loose” installation which does not damage the ground or the raised access floor, which greatly reduces the rate of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and which allows the tiles to be easily removed.

Carpet Caring Program®

The use of the Carpet Caring Program® is essential in order to guarantee the company's collaborators and customers a clean and healthy carpet all year round.


The lifespan of the carpet is significantly improved and it is no longer necessary to replace the tiles prematurely or change the entire carpet during the term of the lease.


The manufacturer increases the warranty on the carpet up to 10 years.


Composil also handles of the management of the contract and of any damage that could affect the carpet as well as the storage of the reserve tiles.

Recycling & Innovation

When replacing tiles at the end of their life, Composil manages their transport to the recycling plant.


This means that, after separation of the fibers and the backing, the fibers return to the fiber manufacturer and the raw materials from the backing are used to make another backing. All the raw materials can therefore be reused to make a new carpet.


This new carpet will benefit from all the latest innovations and the customer will be able to obtain it through… a new Circular Carpet Lease. The circle is complete.

Advantages of this plan:

Carpet disinfected and cleaned all year round

Positive carbon and financial impact on the entire process

Recycling of waste from carpets

Single point of contact: Composil

 All-inclusive tailor-made


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