Carpet Caring Program®

For a healthy environment

Carpet Caring Program ® by Composil is certified by all the carpet industry and allows people to live all year long in a healthy and cleaned environment

Multiple Benefits:

  • To control the environmental hygiene and the air quality
  • To improve the well-being of your employees
  • To increase the lifetime of the carpets : min. 40% according to laboratory tests
  • To save you budget on carpet cleaning by 15% tanks to prevention
  • 5 years warranty extension
How does it work ?


  • Sensitives areas planned in the building
  • Stains removal (each 15 days) by specific products
  • Deep cleaning of the different planned areas
  • Total deep cleaning of the hole carpet surface

Our Solutions



Deep cleaning with a unique method

Mobilier Textile

Textile furniture

State of the art cleaning