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1. Customer proximity


1. Customer proximity

We listen to your needs

Composil supports its customers with all their questions concerning carpets and upholstered furniture.


Listening to their needs is essential in order to offer them hygienic and sustainable tailor-made solutions.


We offer our advice on the type of maintenance to be done, on the types of carpets or colors in case of carpet changes, as well as providing assistance with contacting stakeholders in the sector.


In this context, our Circular Carpet Lease service is the ideal “All-in” formula that meets all the client's needs for the carpet in his office.


2. Stakeholders

Working in partnership

As specialists, we are mainly in contact with manufacturers of carpet and upholstered furnishings.


They certify us and trust us. We regularly receive their new releases, which we test. We pass on any comments to both manufacturers and our laboratory.


In the field, we are their after-sales service providers and advise their customers on maintenance.


We can also work hand in hand with general cleaning companies when they want to entrust the carpet problem to a specialist.

3. Composilians

Composil Academy

Our human values are integrity, the search for excellence, responsibility and vitality.


Our employees are 100% Composil. We never use subcontractors. This ensures quality and an increase in know-how over the long term.


It is in this context that we created the Composil Academy:


Wether in the field or in the office professions, we offer continuous training so that everyone can flourish in their professional path and, thus, ensure an excellent service quality .


4. Research and development

Respect for the material is a priority

Our laboratory manufactures our products exclusively for us. They are developed and updated on a regular basis to reflect the innovations implemented by our laboratory. The products can also be adapted based on our tests on the new products that carpet manufacturers entrust to us.


These products, certified by carpet manufacturers, do not damage carpet fibers and leave no residue. This therefore allows the carpet tiles to be recycled as “cradle to cradle”.

In our methodology, the amount of product and water used is minimal. As such, no product or water is released into nature.


With regard to hygiene and disinfecting, our methodology is certified by a university laboratory which confirms that the carpets and upholstered furniture are clean and disinfected after our visit.


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we have developed a virucidal product of type 1, 2 and 4,  special for upholstery. It ensures complete extinction of viruses without damaging the material which is sensitive to disinfectants.


Regarding our machines, they are inspected at least once a month. This allows them to last as long as possible over time by having them in a good permanent working condition.

For a circular economy

When replacing tiles at the end of their life, Composil offers these 2 programs:



- Tiles that are reusable deserve a second life.

- With its partners, Composil offers several solutions to customers interested in reusing carpet tiles.



- Non-reusable tiles can be recycled in order to generate the raw material that will be used to make new carpet tiles.

- This new carpet will benefit from all the latest innovations and the customer will be able to procure it via, for example… a new Circular Carpet Lease. The circle is complete.


5. "Re-use" & "Recycle"


6. Waste recovery

Active policy

In addition to our active policy of waste management in our building, we have set up a process for recycling waste (dirt, dust, etc.) that we remove from the carpets during our deep cleaning.


Everything collected from our customers is stored in a special container. This waste will then be recovered by a company specializing in waste treatment.


These residues will be used for the formation of agglomerates which will be used in the manufacture of materials used in construction (insulation, concrete, panels, partitions, etc.) and to build roads.


We harvest over 3,500 kg per year.

7. Building

Decrease of energy consumption

We have installed a cogeneration system in our building. Combined with the change to LED for all our lights, our energy consumption in electricity and gas has decreased by 30%.


We will also install solar panels on our entire roof.

Minibus Blancs

8. Fleet

Reduced fuel consumption

All of our drivers have had appropriate driver training to reduce their fuel consumption as much as possible. We organize our schedule as best we can to limit travel in vans. We organize carpooling in order to limit the number of vehicles that have to go to the site.


We recently changed our entire vehicle fleet in order to have the most ecological engines possible.

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